AME entered an official partnership with Publons to enhance wide-ranging recognition for reviewers

Published: 2020-05-07

AME Publishing Company entered an official partnership with Publons, a product of Clarivate Analytic Company (which owns Web of Science, EndNote, ScholarOne, among many others), as of April 2020. Around 60 AME journals’ peer review systems are now integrated seamlessly into the Publons platform ( The partnership was done to recognize our expert peer reviewers spontaneously for their review contribution.

Publons provide a platform that allows researchers to track, verify, and be recognized for their peer review and editorial work. A researcher’s peer review and editorial contributions can be displayed on their public Publons profile to show the world the impact they have on their research field and enhance their career.

With AME joining the portfolio of Publons partner journals, reviewers of any AME journals can now opt-in to Publons as part of the review submission process, and the review data can be transferred to Publons upon submission. Please browse one of our reviewer profile pages for an example at:

The partnership can streamline the process of recognizing our reviewers to provide three key benefits:

  • Recognition for reviewers: Demonstrates our commitment to recognizing the efforts of the reviewers on their review.
  • Increased engagement: Our relationship with the reviewers is strengthened through seamless recognition for review as well as pre- and post-publication contact with reviewers, keeping them up to date with the publication process.
  • Insights and analytics: We will receive full access to a powerful Publons dashboard that we can use to understand our reviewers better, discover new reviewers, and more.

We wholeheartedly thank all of the reviewers for their generous time and effort spent in article quality control for our journals and hope they will benefit from this acknowledgment of their invaluable contributions.

For more information and details on how the partnership works, see the AME-Publons landing page. To sign up or to learn more about Publons, please visit the Publons researchers’ page. Alternatively, refer to the Publons FAQs page.

About Publons

Publons collaborates with the researchers, publishers and institutions and aims to speed up research by harnessing the power of peer review. It works as journals’ peer review systems are integrated seamlessly into Publons so that the relevant reviewers receive instant credit for their work.

About AME

AME Publishing Company is a globally active open access publisher specializing in the publication of medical journals and books across a broad spectrum of science, technology, and medicine. Founded in 2009, AME has rapidly burst into the international market with a dozen of branches set up all over mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Sydney. Combining the highest editorial standards with cutting-edge publishing technologies, AME has published more than 60 peer-reviewed journals (13 indexed in SCIE and 18 indexed in PubMed), predominantly in English (some are translated into Chinese), covering various fields of medicine including oncology, pulmonology, cardiothoracic disease, andrology, urology and so forth.